The Gingerbread Man

     The Gingerbread Man was proud that he could run so fast.
      "Nobody can catch me," he thought.
      So he kept on running until he met a fox. He just had to tell the fox how he ran faster than all the others.

Gingerbread ManChicken

      "Mr. Fox," he said, "As tasty as I appear to be. I cannot let you catch and eat me. I ran away from an old woman. I ran away from an old man. I ran away from a cow. I ran away from a horse. I ran away from a chicken, and I can run away from you! I can!"

     But Mr. Fox did not seem to care.

     "Why would I want to bother you?" asked Mr. Fox. "You don't even look that tasty. No, young man, I don't want to eat you at all."

      The Gingerbread Man was so relieved.

     "Well, indeed, Mr. Fox," said the Gingerbread Man. "If you don't mind, I think I'll take a little rest here."

     So the Gingerbread Man stopped running and stood still. And right when he stood still...SNAP! went Mr. Fox's jaws right into the Gingerbread Man until he was gone.

     "He was very tasty after all," thought the fox.




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